New PRSI Scheme and Fees

The new PRSI scheme with dental treatment benefits was introduced from midnight, October 27th, 2017.

A patient who is eligible, according to the Department of Social Welfare, will be entitled to one dental examination and scale and polish visit in a calender year. The patient must pay a balance fee to supplement the department's contribution to the overall fee, as outlined below. 


Patient Fees under PRSI dental treatment Scheme

Scale & Polish (Including Free Dental examination* and intra-oral x-rays)                                                                                                €15

Periodontal treatment treatment- First visit (includes Free examination)                                                                                                  €93


* Please note: the dentist will carry out a dental examination, as per usual, at your hygiene appointment which is free to the patient. If a patient requests more than one dental examination in a calender year then a private fee will apply.